Managing your local needs

We will tailor our service to fit around the unique demands of the clients we serve and the buildings they place in our care.

We will quickly get the grips with whatever your corporate standards and style dictate and proceed to deliver a service that excels in every department.

We offer an all-encompassing service for the corporate workspace but we are more than happy to provide bundled or individual services, for a portfolio of properties or a single location.

While the environments may differ there is one thing that stays constant in our world, and that is our relentless pursuit of delivering customer satisfaction.

When you engage MTFM , you engage a team that will have thoroughly examined every aspect of your Facilities Management requirement and come up with a plan that will support your strategic vision.

We think Facilities Management is a pretty straightforward business, or at least it should be, it starts with getting the basics right and understanding that the big picture and the small details are one and the same.

Through our one-team operating model, our clients have achieved a reduction in annual facilities costs of between 10-30 percent. It’s at this point that Facilities Management suddenly becomes a lot more interesting around the board table.

If you are ready to free yourself of the burden of maintaining your facilities, or want to accelerate your corporate development by leveraging our expertise and experience, then call McArdle Traynor today.

I have been extremely Impressed with the team. Having them on board has allowed me to concentrate on taking care of my clients needs whilst they take care of our Facilities. I have found them to be extremely reliable and their work is to the highest quality.

BrendanMD, Panda Power

MTFM have been Looking after our Facilities Management needs for the past 3 years. I am absolutely delighted with the level of service the team has giving us. Tight deadlines have never phased them taking on the works and having them completed on time and on budget. I find the team to be very professional and I highly recommend them.

Fran O GormanCEO Sundrelle LTD

We are very happy with the level of service we get from the MTFM team. They currently look after all our electrical issues and have been supporting our business since 2017. They have implemented many cost-effective changes throughout our properties including new led lighting & HVAC Controls which has resulted in considerable savings across the Gym Plus group of Clubs. I find them extremely professional and reliable and I am very happy to give them my endorsement.

Sandra DunneMD Gym Plus

Having appointed MTFM to our head offices in Dunboyne ,we are very impressed by their efficiency and professionalism. What really set their business way ahead of the competition is their pro activeness in dealing with day to day issues without letting them escalate into a bigger problem. They have also carried out a number of energy audits and implemented cost saving changes as a result. They have a 24hr call out service and provide us with competitive rates. I would definitely recommend them as a facility’s management team.

Seamus McAteerKilsaran International